Tel.: 0699 12 15 91 63 or E-mail: OBESITY The ButterflyFly Programme helps Obesity means that  someone is dangerously  overweight. In this case is  BMI - Body Mass Index -  more than 30.   Obesity is a disease and  causes risks for other  disorders and diseases  such as increased blood  pressure (hypertension),  diabetes type 2, elevated  urine acid and high  cholesterin levels in blood  and fatty liver.  Overweight is leading to  obesity and should be  monitored regularly as it is  linked with premature death  and disability due to  strokes, heart attacks or  cancer. medical interventional programme for sustained body weight reduction and control ACTIVE-AGING Active, fit and self  confident in older age Environmental factors and  the modern way of life with  lack of exercise and wrong  eating patterns are  responsible for typical  western diseases such as  diabetes type 2, hyper-  tension, high cholesterin  and fatty liver.   Lack of typical symptoms in  the early stages is common  – late complications severe!   My therapeutical concept is  based on an annual health  check, medical courses, ex-  planations and a  personalized individually  tailored treatment.  Prevention is the best medicine! DIABETES TYPE 2   Do you have it? Are you overweight? Maybe you are suffering  from Diabetes Type 2 not  knowing it?  Even if you are diabetics,  you have a fair chance of  achieving normal life  expectancy with a good  quality of life!  I offer diabetes education,  monitoring, therapy  and  management in the frame of  a Disease Management  Programme (DMP) called  “Therapie Aktiv”.   This Programme is  acknowledged by all health  insurances.  You can also receive  complete diabetes  management on private  basis. CLINICAL STUDIES Would you like to take part? Clinical studies are very  important in helping to find  better treatments.   Through your participation  in clinical studies you  actively contribute to  improving medical services  and treatments.   Through clinical studies  we  increase the opportunity for  better disease management  and the best possible  standard of care for you  and many other people all  over the world in the future.  On-going studies:  recruitment period already  finished.  If you are principally  interested in taking part in  clinical studies, please  contact me.